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Only a phone call or an email away, Diversified Data Solutions, L.L.C. is your partner - your virtual partner.

Copywriting and website designWhether your business is so successful you have no time to devote to a website or you are working overtime trying to get your business going - Diversified Data Solutions can help.

We build content rich websites to give you the best exposure to your targeted audience - if you are an agent, the clients who want to buy or sell a home; if you have a small business, the demographic on which you're focused. We provide quality, dependable, experienced and professional work done as you need it. All work is broken down on a monthly basis, by project and time so you know what you are getting for your money.

When you partner with Diversified Data Solutions, you can be assured that we will work hard to make your website interesting, engaging and most importantly, useful to your clientele. To avoid any conflict of interest and to best serve our clients, we only accept one client per geographic selling area or line of business.

  • If you are a Realtor® or real estate agent we will work with no other agents in your market area.

  • If you are a store owner, we will not accept projects for any direct competitors in your area.

  • If you own an online business, we will not accept another client in the same line of business.

What does that mean to you? That we will make your website unique and special. All our talents will be focused on making your website the best in your area.

Before signing on with Diversified Data Solutions, we'll discuss your circumstances and needs and develop a schedule that will allow us to treat you as you deserved to be treated - as a valued and preferred client.

Meet our Blogger:

Brenda Hicks - BloggerBrenda Hicks has been our blogger for many years. She also handles social media accounts for other clients. She is an excellent researcher and blogger who will add interesting content to your website and/or social media sites.

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